Judicial Values

I am supported by local and federal judges, law enforcement, defense attorneys, civil attorneys, and members of the community because they recognize that I possess the experience, qualifications, and values they would want in a judge presiding over their case.  


Judges should rule fairly and impartially, based solely upon the law and evidence and towards the ends of justice, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or political or social status. Judges must be fair and open-minded and only do what is right and just, free from prejudice or partiality towards either party.


Judges must have the courage to always make the legal and just decision, regardless of whether or not it is the “popular” one.


Judges must have the ability to calmly and effectively communicate and express their thoughts, opinions, and rulings, but must also have the ability and willingness to listen and consider both sides of an issue.


Judges must have an impeccable character, both professionally and personally, which should have been well-established throughout the community prior to being elected or appointed to the Bench.


Judges should be courteous, patient, calm, rational, compassionate, exercise humility, use common-sense, and react with restraint.  Judges should however also be firm and have the ability to maintain the public’s trust by maintaining an orderly courtroom and demanding respect for the law and our system of justice. 

The most sacred of the duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.


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